The Almazara Ildefonso Espinosa is located in Pegalajar, 820m above sea level, in the Sierra Mágina Natural Park in the province of Jaén. It is a family business with a long tradition in the production of genuine olive oils.

Pegalajar and its surroundings are an unbeatable place for olive growing, with small microclimates that give rise to a generous variety of products.

We have a clay loam soil, with limestone in the lower horizons which helps to retain the humidity of the soil. Our climate is one of the essential pillars for the development of the olive tree, a Mediterranean climate with thermal oscillations between day and night that can reach up to 20ºC difference.

With a careful selection of sites and farms, both in the mountains and in the countryside, we harvest olives that are perfectly adapted to our standards.

The work carried out by our growers in the field is done manually, controlling the entire vegetative cycle of the plant and respecting and taking care of the environment.